C#. Making Func delegates async


static void Main(string[] args) { SmthAsync(); for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { Thread.Sleep(1000); Console.WriteLine(i); } } private static Func<int,

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Tasks executed in thread pool asyncroniously.

ex. 1 Returning no result

static void Main(string[] args) { Task t = new Task(() => Console.WriteLine(«this is

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way 1, with sentinent or nullNode approach, shrinks partial cases

/** * Definition for singly-linked list. * public class ListNode { * public int val;

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JS. Jest. TestFramework. SimpleExample

npm init npm install —save-dev jest // add.js const add = (a, b) => a + b; module.exports = add; // test.js const add =

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const myPromiseRace = (promises) => { return new Promise((resolve) => { for(let i = 0; i < promises.length; i++){ promises[i].then((value) => { resolve(value); // if

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C#. Async / Await. Simple example

This is a simple example, we don’t wait for DoSmthAsync() in our calling main thread, just going further, when it is done, using its result

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C#. Sync and Async simple examples

static void SyncExample() { // do smth before var fs = new FileStream(); // wait for this operation // do smth after } static

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Algo. Buddy Strings


/* main idea is to search unmatched symbols, and it shoeld be only 2 of them to swap */ public class Solution { public

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Algo. Add strings


public string AddStrings(string num1, string num2) { var needZeroes = num1.Length — num2.Length; // adding leading zeroes var absNeedZeroes = Math.Abs(needZeroes); if (needZeroes

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Algo.Isomorphing strings

isomorphing strings on leetcode

public bool IsIsomorphic(string s, string t) { if (s.Length != t.Length) return false; var firstStringDict = new Dictionary<char,

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