This is a small manual or hint how to start using ssh protocol with git extensions !!!

Generate keys

After generation put

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Delphi. What is difference to TProcedure, TMethod = procedure of object and TAnonMethod = reference to procedure ?


Let us consider the following three type declarations:

TProcedure = procedure; TMethod = procedure of object; TAnonMethod = reference to procedure;


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Postgre. How to install someones db

Simple swap of the data folders on turned off services of postgres

if you have someones db files like this

go to registry and

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How to send message from code ?

await _telegramBotClient.SendTextMessageAsync(chatId, text: «this is start command»);

Simple command handler for /start command. You can use

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Algo. Minimum Number of Operations to Move All Balls to Each Box


You have n boxes. You are given a binary string boxes of length n, where boxes[i] is ‘0’ if the ith box is empty, and ‘1’ if it contains one ball.

In one operation, you can move one ball from a

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Algo. Group the People Given the Group Size They Belong To


There are n people that are split into some unknown number of groups. Each person is labeled with a unique ID from 0 to n — 1.

You are given an

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Algo. Build Array from Permutation


Given a zero-based permutation nums (0-indexed), build an array ans of the same length where ans[i] = nums[nums[i]] for each 0 <= i < nums.length and return it.

zero-based permutation nums is an array of distinct integers from 0 to nums.length —

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Algo. Concatenation of Array


Given an integer array nums of length n, you want to create an array ans of length 2n where ans[i] == nums[i] and ans[i + n] == nums[i] for 0 <= i < n (0-indexed).

Specifically, ans is the concatenation of

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npm init -y npm install webpack webpack-cli —save-dev

lets create our pet project

index.html, there is dependency from loadash on the web[email protected]


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Here is the template for deep equals of objects through rtti. You can expand it or customize

unit DeepEquals; interface uses classes, rtti; type TObjectHelpers

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