Typescript. d.ts files

needed to use js code in ts code through declarations

looks like this stackoverflow post describes it the best

as i understood js files and

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Typescript. Modules

Modules also created to group out code. Lets look at example

hi.ts // this will be the module

export default function sayHi() { console.log(‘hi, there’);

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Typescript. Namespaces

namespaces allow logically group our code

namespace Animals { interface Animal { sayHi(): void } class Dog implements Animal { sayHi(): void { console.log(‘av-av’); }

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Typescript. Generics

function foo<T>(x: T): T { // calc return x; } console.log(foo<string>(‘hi, there’)); console.log(foo<number>(123)); // — extends for generics function foo2<T extends { name: string

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Typescript. Type Assertions

as it was mentioned in DataTypes post there are 2 ways of assertions through as and <type> operators

// Type assertions const myCanvas =

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